In addition to dupioni silk fabric and other pure silk fabrics for everything from a wedding dress or a bridal gown to silk draperies, we also sell value-added products such as a red silk dress for work, a silk scarf or a pure silk tie made from this remarkable cloth. And we have modern Thai clothing & traditional Thai clothing.

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We offer silk wholesale in addition to retail silk fabric with worldwide shipping. You can buy silk online in the form of a diverse range of pure Thai silk clothing and apparel, including Thai silk dresses. We have the Mudmee silk shirts from Thailand you have been looking for plus any other Thai pattern or silk product.

Our specialities are mens silk shirts, silk ties, silk shawls, silk wraps, silk scarves, silk blouse, and handmade silk handbags wholesale.

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Our silks include dupioni silk, smooth, striped, ribbed, twill, rough, coarse, nubby, mudmee (ikat), batik, 1-ply, 2-ply and 4-ply both hand-woven & machine-woven as well as silk prints. We've got dupioni silk scarves for hip scarves, head scarves, hair scarves and belly dance hip scarves.

World of Thai Silk Shop connects you directly to Thailand's rural village weavers & seamstresses as well as Thailand silk wholesale from the largest weaving mills. Regardless of your distance from these villagers, you can now buy silk online from them.

Thai silk fabric is an exquisite decorator fabric but also a challenging and rewarding sewing fabric. Despite being five times stronger than steel and twice as strong as Kevlar used for body armor, it's an ideal child fabric — environmentally friendly, completely biodegradable, beautiful and available from our online store.

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Dupioni Thai silk is the fashion fabric preferred by many top designers. It's also the best home decorating fabric because not only does it come in every color of the rainbow but it's made from nature's strongest fiber, making it wear-resistant in addition to being completely natural. It requires proper care to look perfect for decades but what other cloth will last a century even when you take good care of it?

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Whether it's four yards or 2,000 meters of silk, World of Thai Silk Shop is the online fabric depot store with the stunning cloth you need for everything from your wedding gown to your California king-size water bed — direct from the “Land of Smiles”. We do custom weaves & accept all forms of payment.

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