Traditional Thai clothing is still part of Thailand culture. You'll find it used in Thailand in some 5-star hotels and a number of top restaurants specializing in traditional Thai food and showcasing Thai culture. Thailand traditional clothes are frequently used for festivities and performances as well as to celebrate holidays. Thailand clothes are also worn during key events such as engagements and weddings and always for traditional Thai dancing.

Traditional Thai clothing popular in Thailand culture

We specialize in silk fabric online but also offer wholesale and retail, affordable, ready-to-wear, traditional Thai clothing for both males and females, made from DuPont-Toray polyester.

Thailand women frequently wear costume jewelry with Thai clothing such as that worn by the the girls in this photo. We include the jewelry with each outfit. In traditional Thai culture it's usually made of pure gold but nobody wants their kids running around school on Mother's Day with lots of 24k gold jewelry. This enables them to celebrate Thai culture and have authentic, Thailand traditional clothes without worrying about a belt, earring or head piece going missing.

It looks priceless and it would cost a fortune if pure gold. But this costume jewelry is inexpensive and adds authenticity to the traditional Thai clothing. The jewelry includes: 1) head set; 2) belt; 3) earrings, 4) necklace; 5) arm bracelet; 6) arm band; and 7) body chain (over the shoulder and down to their calf).

Traditional Thai clothes are the same for adults and children except for size. The basic component of every outfit are two tops (inner and outer) and a skirt.

Outfit and fabric designs vary slightly although basically the same. Carefully study the full-screen photos on this page to get a good idea of how your traditional dance clothes will look but they'll not be an identical match. Design variations are not directly linked to color schemes. You can indicate general preferences by referring to the number of the dancer. Shipping cost is NOT included in prices. If your country or the appropriate weight is is not listed on our shipping chart, ask us to calculate the cost for your intended order..

If your girl is approaching the size of some adults, such as many pre-teen and teenage girls, you will need to order the adult size. Both child and adult sizes fit a fairly large range of persons but within limits. Send us your child's measurements and we'll tell you if she should use an adult size.

Traditional Thai Clothing
* delivery fee NOT included in prices
No. of Outfits Girls Women
1 US$110.00/each
2 US$95/each
3-4 US$90/each
5-19 US$85.00/each
20-39 US$70/each
40+ US$75/each
An outfit weighs about 650 grams. In late 2009, ONE Thai outfit with jewelry to USA by courier costs US$58 and by insured air mail costs US$40.
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Sizes and colors you prefer will need to be until we can develop this section of our site further. See the next page for sizes and other info.

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