Thai Silk prints differ from mudmee in that they are printed on one side of the fabric. Click here to buy any of these silk fabric prints. You can order any of these by indicating Set Number and Fabric Number and the number of yards you require. Have a few second choices pre-selected in case any silk fabric you want is out of stock.

Every silk print shown here was in stock on 7 September 2008. There are no additional photos available. We have a four-yard total minimum purchase of fabric. Eight half-yard pieces still meets the four-yard minimum purchase requirement.

Please note that Thai silk uses a unique measuring system. A "yard" in Thailand is defined as only 90 cm or 35.4 inches. A Thai half-yard is therefore 45 cm or 17.7 inches.

All our silk fabric is treated. See our web page about this process.

We ship by insured airmail which is currently the best and most cost effective method that is also fairly swift. If your nation does not accept insured postal packages we ship your silk by registered airmail. Shipping is quoted at cost as per Thai postal rates and is NOT included in any prices. Some examples of weights and rates can be found here. If the appropriate weight or country is not listed on our simple chart then ask for a quotation by email. Silk fabric can range from 80-160 grams per yard, resulting in an average weight of 111 grams per yard, excluding packing materials and approximately 131 grams per yard with. This can give you a very general idea of what to expect regarding shipping costs.

Pure Thai silk fabric with mudee pattern

This page supercedes all other offerings of silk prints on our site. We offer only prints shown here. When a silk print shown here is sold out it is very unlikely to be replaced or redone in a timely manner — if ever. The thickness of the bolt shows the amount of silk fabric available that day. This photo of manager shows here hold one-yard lengths of woven silk patterns.

Click any image to view a large, high-quality, full-screen photo in a new window so you can see better and order. There are no other photos of these fabrics available.

Set Two
Pure Thai silk fabric prints Set Two

Set Three
Thai Silk Fabric Prints Set Three

Set Four
Silk Fabric Prints Set Four

Set Five
Silk Prints Set Five

Set Six
Thai Silk Prints Set Six

Set Seven
Silk Prints Set Seven

Set Eight
Pure Thai Silk Fabric Prints Set Eight

Set Nine
Thai Silk Prints Set Nine