Silk background is purple with gold weft thread Thai silk fabric swatch on right enlarged 500-900%

Ribbed Thai Silk
Purple with Gold Thread
Single-Tone 4-Ply

Color: purple, fuchsia, dark magneta, violet, with gold weft thread about every 20 mm
Width: 101.6 cm/40 inches
Type: ribbed, rough, 4-ply, hand-woven (click here for 2-ply smooth version of this fabric)
Source: Bangkok
Suggested Uses: drapery, drapes, pants, coats, jackets
Catalog Number: 0002sp4du
Minimum Lengths: An order must be comprised of at least four yards total. Minimum length per piece is one-half yard.
Notes: We sell our fabric in increments of one-HALF “yard”. Thailand uses a unique silk measuring system. A Thai “yard” is only 90 cm or 35.4” so a Thai “half-yard” is only 45 cm or 17.7”. The cost of delivery is NOT included in our prices. You must add the shipping cost to the total at the final stage of the payment process. Your shopping cart will appear in a new window. You must click Update Cart after adding anything. Ask about availability before ordering.
1-32 half-yard(s) Thai silk  US$8.00/half-yard (17.7'')
33-65 half-yards Thai silk  US$7.50/half-yard (17.7'')
66-99 half-yards Thai silk  US$7.00/half-yard (17.7'')
100 (+) half-yards silk  US$6.50/half-yard (17.7'')
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Purple Thai silk with gold thread running every 20 mm - hand woven!

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