photo: Thai Silk jackets standard sizing

Please complete this form so our expert tailors have all the measurements they need to ensure you feel great and look great in your Thai silk garment. One inch equals 2.54 cm.

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Chest size measured by laying man blazer on flat surface facing up then measuring across chest, holding tape one-half inch (1 cm) under each armpit.

Shoulders size measured by laying blazer jacket face down on a smooth surface, then measuring where shoulder & sleeve seams join, from one side to the other.

Half-shoulder size measured along the seam from the shoulder to where the seam meets the neck of mens blazer coats.

Length measured down the back seam, starting where the back seam meets the bottom of the collar down to the bottom of men's sport coats.

Sleeve size measured from point of shoulder to bottom of sleeve.

Waist size measured by holding tape around waist (where belt sits), ensuring it's straight, & leaving enough space to fit one finger between waist and tape.

Hips size  measured around the widest part of your hips, ensuring the tape is level and leaving one finger space between your body and the tape.

Cuff/wrist size

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