photo: Purse handles for our handmade fabric handbags

Fashion handbags design varies from quarter to quarter and to season to season. We display a range of handmade fabric handbags done in recent years but we have only four prices for our ladies handbags and three basic size divisions for our wholesale purses: small, medium and large. Click on any purse photo to open temporarily a full-screen image in a new window. Click here to order.

photo: Handmade fabric handbags wholesale

For large orders of handmade fabric handbags, you can select any dupioni silk print, silk batik or two-tone Thai silk fabric displayed (or not) on our site to create custom handbags, subject to the availability of that particular fabric and the components chosen such as an unusual handle.

photo: Handmade handbags wholesale

We've created a Handmade Handbags Reference Chart of approximately 150 colors and styles of fashion handbags to help you communicate your needs to us. It is NOT a catalog. It shows examples of past ladies handbags to help us understand each other when you have special requirements.

photo: Fashion handbags wholesale

Our minimum order is a dozen handbags total. Fashion handbags made-to-order can be produced at the rate of about 50 per week if the same model. If you order several models, the pace can slow to about 25 per week but we will do our best to fulfill your order as swiftly as possible. Click here for order form.

photo: Ladies handbags handmade from Thai silk

Some handmade purses are soft and collapsible but most are fairly stiff. Many handbags close with a zipper. Some purses close with a snappable clasp or other closing device. All womens handbags we currently sell, close using a zipper and several models have two zippers closing two inner compartments.

photo: Discount handbags handmade from dupioni silk
photo: Thai silk fashion handbags wholesale

Wood purse handles are usually made of mango wood. The basic shapes are: square, round (full-moon), semi-circular (half-moon), oval and ornamental such as curved (inverted smile). Purse handles are usually black or dark brown but red is available upon request. Occasionally purse designers use bamboo, rattan, simulated leather (PVC) or silk fabric purse handles. Click here to purchase.

photo: Embroidered silk dog purses, puppy purses, poodle purse or pug purse

Fabric handbags with straps come with either a single shoulder strap or a matching pair. Small clutch purses have no handles or straps.

All external fabric is pure, hand woven, dupioni Thai silk over laminate foam with polyester inner lining. All silk fabric handbags are handmade.

The basic shapes of handmade handbags are horizontal rectangular, vertical rectangular, square, triangular, inverted triangular and round. Triangular-shaped ladies handbags are either two-thirds or one-half of a triangle. Click here to buy.

photo: Handmade handbags wholesale

Enlarge any photo of a fashion handbag by clicking on it. These photos of our handmade fabric handbags enable you to appreciate the beauty, fine craftsmanship, colors, hues, textures, weaves, stitching, wood-grain and nuances of our wonderfully textured, two-tone, dupioni, Thai silk fabric purses.

The silk fabric loops that attach purse handles to handbags vary by the number of loops and width: narrow, medium-width and wide.

photo: fashion handbags wholesale

Due to recent currency exchange rate fluctuations, we quote prices for our wholesale handbags in Thai Baht and Baht prices prevail. Dollar prices are subject to change at any time and without notice. Based on current US dollar rate, our handmade handbags range from about US$25 to US$35 each. MINIMUM ORDER IS NOW TWO DOZEN!

photo: Handmade fabric handbags made from Thai silk and mango wood

Small handmade handbags are generally 11" wide (27.9 cm), 6" high (15.2 cm) [handles are never included in measurement] and 2.5" (6.4 cm) thick at the base. These purses cost about US$25 and those kept in stock are usually a single two-tone dupioni fabric. Packed for shipping, they weigh about 310 grams each. The round embroidered ones weigh about 180 grams each when packed for shipping.

photo: Handmade fabric handbags

Medium-size fashion handbags generally come in two sizes. Some are 15" (38.1 cm) wide, 6.5" (16.5 cm) high and 4" (10.1 cm) wide at the base. Others are 13" (33 cm) wide, 8" (20.3 cm) high and 2.5" (6.4 cm) wide. They cost about US$27. Handbags in stock usually have two harmonious colors for the upper and lower halves or have three horizontal stripes of complementary colors of silk. Packed for shipping, they weigh about 345 grams each

photo: Handmade handbags wholesale

Large summer handbags are generally 15" (38.1 cm) wide, 8" (20.3 cm) high and 4" (10.2 cm) thick at the base. The handmade purses kept in stock usually have three or five colors of horizontal stripes per bag. Packed for shipping, they weigh about 395 grams each.

Protective packing using a box will cause the courier company to use a "volumetric weight" formula and charge by package surface area. We've found that can result in the cost of shipping being as much as twice the cost of the handbags themselves. Soft packaging using bubble wrap to prevent crushing and plastic wrapping to kee the order together can be sent based on weight. (No clear corners.) The resulting irregular-shaped package costs about 54% less to ship. Insuring your shipment against damage or loss or theft costs 4% the value of the shipment.

You will need to the colors you want as well as all other details such as soft or hard packaging and insured or not. The order form on the next page tells us only the size, model and quantity, not color..

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